Sunday, October 16, 2011

My First Bloggy award!!!!

Oh what a wonderful Sunday Morning!
I went to my blog this morning and had such wonderful surprises waiting for me:-) First, I had lots of comments to publish and one of them -- Eva at Eva's Scraps n' Cards -- awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. When I started my blog, Eva found it and became my first Follower!! I was so happy that someone took the time to "find" me and she became immediately special in my book! Her blog is wonderful and inspiring, and if you want a great bloggy friend and supporter, you need to go visit Eva and follow her! Show her some of your sweetest love:-)

As a recipient of The Versatile Blogger Award, there are 3 rules to follow…
1. Thank the person who awarded you.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself that your readers may not know.
3. Award 7 other bloggers with this award.

Once again, Eva, you have been one of my 'Sweetest' since I started my blog and you came to share your precious bloggy love. Thank you so much for thinking of me:-)

You may not know:
1. I have been married to my Bestest Friend for 42 years!
2. I got married at 18 --- do the math:-)
3. We have 3 beautiful children -- 2 boys, 1 girl -- and 4 perfect grandkids -- 2 boys, 2 girls!
4. I have had the same best girl friend since Junior High -- Kathy:-)
5. I wanted to have a career in medicine but was a mommie instead (no regrets now)
6. I cared for my dad who had cancer for 7 years, before he passed 2 years ago. I miss him still.
7. My motto is "Let Go, Let God!!" I depend on my faith to help me remember that the past in the past, the future is yet to come, TODAY is what matters!

Picking the people to give this wonderful award to is the hardest for me. I visit so many great blogs and would like to present it to so many of them:-) I might look around to see if anyone has not gotten their first blog award like me and send one their way to help build their follower base -- that would be totally awesome!! Here they are and I would love for you to visit them and share some of your love and follow their blog:-)

1. Trenise at
2. Angie at
3. Lynda at
4. Tami at
5. Janet at
6. Barbara at
7. Paula at

I am so pleased to pass on this award to all the deserving bloggers!! I also have to give a shout out to some others that received the award when I did and so very deserve it in my book: Audrey, Shirl, Lisa. Actually, I love each and every one of my followers who did not have to look and find me, but took the time to do it!! You are all so very special in my book of life:-)

I hope I brought a moment of happiness to a few and that you all have a wonderful weekend!

A very quick Boo Kitty update for those who want to know:-) We will get him back home on Tuesday and he did not lose the leg. He is going to have an improvised hip/leg brace for over a month and we hope it will make everything heal properly. Daddy Tyson is here visiting today and he spent the first 30 minutes searching for Boo -- smelling every where -- so cute:-)

Hugs, Judy


  1. Thank you so much for choosing me Judy! I have never had a blog award and didn't even know what it was. Now I am off to check out the others and to choose my 7. Thanks so much

  2. Wow Judy, I am so honored that you chose me as one of your receipants to your blog award! How thoughtful! I don't ever seem to have enough time to do it all and wish I could post more, but work seems to get in the way of fun. Hopefully not forever though. Retirement is on the horizon, so I can spend my days doing what I love to do. Thank you for visiting my blog and seeing what I have done. I will accept your award. I have not been blogging for long, not even a year. I am a follower of yours too. Thanks so much! Tami
    Tambos Creations!

  3. Awe thank you. I really appreciate it. My first award.

  4. Thank you so much Judy! I never got a blog award! Boo Kitty is in my prayers, and he is so adorable. And , don't listen to the Vet about being too attached. I think what you have done for Boo Kitty is awesome and he is a very lucky kitty to have found you. Speedy recovery to Boo Kitty, and again, thanks so much for the blog award!
    Barbara B.

  5. Thank you so much Judy for the shout, and many congrats on your first award!!! Of course, you'll have many more coming your way!!! You are a delight and a talented crafter!!!

  6. Congrats on your First Blog Award --- you deserve this as you are a very talented crafter! Glad all is well with Boo Kitty and thank you for the love you shower on your family, your kitty, and your love of scrapping!
    Hugs and Love
    Her Craftiness

  7. so happy to see you passed the award on to some more lovely crafter's. Of course you can scrap lift my layout, always happy to share.

    Eva :0)

  8. Congrats Judy! That is such a wonderful feeling and I am so happy for you! You are right, Eva is a sweetie! Actually, all the girls are! I am going to make it a point to visit all the blogs you passed this award to and show them some blog love too!

    Thank you very much for the nice compliment on my rossette video. I really hope you get your birthday wish and can make these! They turn out so beautiful. Another trick with the MS board, you can make your own envelopes that match the paper in a card creation. I have to say, I think this board is the best thing since sliced bread! lol! I'm glad your little fur baby is doing good. My heart breaks when I see an animal in pain because I don't think they understand what's happening. Before I turn this comment into a novel, I want to add that I can very much relate to your # 5 and 6 answers. Number 7 I'm working on getting there! ;)

    Congrats again!


  9. Congrats Judy! I cared for my father-in-law (throat cancer) and then my mother-in-law (breast cancer) when they were dying. People asked me how I could do it, but I knew them since I met my husband and they were both only 41 years old (I met him when I was 16) and I felt like I was paying them back for all of the love and support they gave me, my husband and children for all the early years of our marriage and I think too that I grew up a lot when I took care of them. Now my husband and I are the "oldest living members of his family" so strange.

  10. Hi Judy I'm an new follower, I think your site is fantastic, and besides our name we have alot in common. I hope you stop by my blog and follow me as well.

  11. Many thanks, Judy..Miss Moose! :) Again your little avatar cracks me up. I love moose stuffed animals. They are so cute. Anyway, what a sweet honor to get this. Thanks. I'll be sure to pass it along this time. I was awarded one once when I first started my blog and had no clue what to do with it. Glad for the 2nd chance. :)

  12. Judy, please email me your address since you were chosen to win my blog candy @ our Halloween Hop last week. I guess you didn't see the posting on FB?? CoNGRATS!!! Claire


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