Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh, wow! Am I really trying this?!

Okay. I am going to be on a learning mode for a while until I figure all this out:-) I know from following many other's blogs that there lots of things I do not know how to do and probably a lot of "rules" to learn. I have never kept track of what paper I am using, or any of the products that I use. I notice that most can list everything, so I guess I need to start paying attention before I post projects -- this is something that might take a while so be patient with me, please:-)  I am sure this will be a very boring blog for a while, but maybe I will get the hang of it sooner than later:-)


  1. Welcome to the blogging world. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. I am looking forward to seeing what you do.

    Thank you for visiting my blog during the Autumn is Here Blog Hop. Be sure to come back tomorrow and see what else I have.

    vndlewis at rocketmail dot com

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting me. I appreciate it!!! First let me tell you that I have only been blogging since last January. I did not know anything about this stuff you just ask questions and people will help you!!! Welcome to the world of craft blogging and I am now going to follow you!!!! i am sure once you get the hang of things you will love it!!!!!
    If you need help just ask!!!!

  3. Hi Judy, Welcome to the blogging world. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my recent projects. I am so happy you could hop along with us this weekend. I don't think there are any rules really for your blog. The having fun creating and sharing with others is what is most important to me. It feels great when you get others stopping by and leaving love for what you have created. Just put what description you can and if you don't know who the paper is by, don't put it, it is no big deal I think. I wish you luck in your new blogging world adventure, I can tell you I am hooked, lol. I too started out scrapbooking, which I still love but since I entered the blogging world I am into all sorts of paper crafts now. If ever I can help or answer anything for you just let me know. I am looking forward to seeing some of your projects. Don't stress yourself out and get intimidated. Just Create, Have Fun and Share! OK, I have rambled on enough, lol. Good Luck, and like I said if I can answer anything for you, just ask.
    Eva :0)

  4. I'm so excited that you've joined the blogging community!! :) I always enjoy your wonderfully SWEET comments, and I am excited to see you create, create, create, and SHARE now too!! :)

    I'm going to share TWO links with you that I have learned a LOT from...

    A crash course in basics... The essentials of using blogger

    This one has lots of pictures and explanations for how to add links and badges and so much more!! Tutorial of blogger basics

    You have my email, Judy -- So if I can ever help to answer a question, please feel free to let me know!!

    BIG hugs,
    Amy :) at


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