Saturday, September 17, 2011

Results of the Animal Rescue Blog Hop....

There is a saying: "Life imitates art". Well, I would consider what most of us do, art:-) Yesterday, I had just finished up the very wonderful 'Doggone Fun Blog Hop'. Read many tear-making stories and reaffirmed my love of all animals. We have our part time dogs this weekend, Gracie and Tyson. They are both Boxers from the same 'family' but 7 years apart. Gracie is a 'mini' at 45 lbs. and Tyson is an 11 month old monster of 75-80 lbs. If you look back in my posts, you will see a picture of my backyard that these dogs LOVE! I just needed to give this little bit of background for my story.

My son and his two kids came yesterday to drop off the dogs -- a very excitable time for all, especially young Tyson. The usual routine is that they want to get into the back yard right away and it was no different yesterday. We were all fooling around with getting in their supplies and I was finding the kids a 'treat'. My hubby, being somewhat OCD, asked why the dogs had not come back in after about 10 minutes and looked out the back window to see what they were up to (they have been known to find their way out of the yard so we watch pretty close). When he looked, they were right outside the window and David said, "What on earth does Tyson have in his mouth?" Our other son was here, too, and he looked and said it looks like a mole, but David did not think so. I began to panic inside because our previous pair of dogs seldom left anything they found alive. I have a hard time killing a spider (which I hate). David and 10 year old, Kendyl, went out and she ran back inside yelling "It's a kitten! A tiny, tiny kitten!" And it was in Tyson's mouth:-( He put it down when they came out and David pulled him away. I, still in panic mode about what I was going to see, went and held Tyson while David got a towel to see if there was any hope for the tiny kitten. He took it to our sink in the garage to wash Tyson's slobber off -- the poor thing was covered in it, but was crying it's lungs out which made me extremely happy because I knew it is alive!! Then, my mommy instincts kicked in and I took it from David to get it dry and warm. I could not believe how strong the little mite was because it's eyes are barely open and is about 5 inches long! I would say it is about a week and a half old.

I can't say that I believe in Karma or Fate, but how do these things happen? How did a tiny baby kitten end up in my back yard for a gentle giant, lug of a dog to find? What kept him from biting it or jumping on it with his huge paws? God's Hand and His Love has to be it!!

Younger son, Eric, is our major cat-lover (Daddy of very contrary, Tico) He took off to Petsmart to get Kitten formula and a bottle. I wrapped Boo Kitty (its new name) in a blanket and kept rubbing to get it all dry. When Eric got back, we warmed some formula and got it to drink quite a bit after lots of work and I am starting to feel encouraged that it will be okay, and, of course, I have said in no uncertain terms that it is here to stay!!!

Okay, that is NOT the end of the story for Tyson:-) This exuberant, young male Boxer, is totally in love with his baby kitten and won't let Gracie near it! Every time he hears her meow, he comes running and wants to have his nose in on everything I am doing with it. Today, he has started to 'clean' it up after feeding with his big, slobbery tongue.. it makes him all calm and it seems to calm the kitten, too. How many times have you seen a momma dog adopt a kitten? I have a daddy dog taking charge:-) It is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen and it brings tears to my eyes. I have to say that I think this is going to be a life time of love for these two!

I went on line for some advice and it helped. I have already 'helped' it go potty -- yea -- fun. I still have to almost force feed it, not a fan of the bottle. There will be a trip to the vet on Monday and I will know if I have a boy or girl! We have a ton of feral cats around here and I am sure that would be the mother. I am actually so happy that Tyson 'rescued' Boo Kitty because the only way to tame a feral is before, or right after, their eyes are open, so the timing was perfect!

Well, this story was very long, but I just had to get it out there:-) I guess I was meant to follow the hop about rescuing, because, who knew, I was about to rescue a very cute kitten with my Tyson!! Here are a couple of pictures...


  1. OH wow!!! So cute. Thanks for sharing this story. Enjoy Boo Kitty!


  2. How adorable!!!!! Great pictures and great story!!!!

  3. What a sweet, touching story. Thank you for sharing and I'm so glad boo kitty has found a loving home. :) I think the biggest dogs are sometimes the sweetest. :)

  4. OMG What an awesome story, thanks for sharing it and the photos
    Big hugs Janet

  5. Oh Judy, your story brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderous dog! Boo Kitty is so adorable and Tyson is the wonder dog(of course the proud papa of a new little kitten too!) You are so right! It will be a lifetime of love for the two of them. It is funny how dogs and cats bond! Our Brady(Black Lab) and our Cuddles(Tabby Cat) have really bonded despite bringing them together when they were older. So, your two will be inseparable buddies!!! Thank you so much for sharing and for rescuing the little kitty. God knew who to send this little bundle of joy to your family! I will stop back alot to see how Boo Kitty is doing!

  6. I hope you don't mind. I am sharing the link to your blog with my family and friends on facebook. This is just truly such an amazing story. I had to send people over to see how your family and Tyson rescued Baby Boo Kitty!

  7. Oh, I just LOVE a happy story. I had tears in my eyes reading it. Love a feel good story. Congratulations on your new family member. Amazing how Tyson probably saved the little tykes life. Thank you for sharing your story and another big thank you for taking in a new family member.

    Smiles Sher

  8. Oh what a sweet story and I have had many kitten brought to me to raise and have to say you doing a wonderful things.. hopefully there not a litter of kittens out there with no tender Boxer to bring them to his mommy for care... Can't wait to see more of picture of these two growing up and how much they love each other...

  9. Dear Boo Kitty found him(her?)self in the right place at the right time when big ol' Tyson lumbered into his(her?) life. And isn't it nice that Tyson brought you such a dear present?! Tyson knew his grand"Mama" would take good care of the little kitty. VERY sweet outcome to following along on the Dog Gone Fun Blog Hop -- you've won the BEST blog candy there is: the love of one of God's creatures. May you always be so humbly blessed with a gift as precious as a pet who will love you unconditionally.

    THANK YOU for sharing your tender story. I am a new, proud follower!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  10. TFS this inspiring story. I am glad I was not the only one with teary eyes. God works in his own way. He directs those pets to those who He knows will do the right thing.

  11. OMG! So sweet! Thanks for sharing your story:-) Tyson looks like he's ready to be a surrogate "mommy":-)


  12. Wow! What an amazing story! Funny how these things work out :) My family had a dog and a cat when we were kids, and our cat used to clean our dog like a mama cat would :) Love the story! Thank you so much for sharing!! Good luck to Boo Kitty!

    Ashley "Scrappin' Pink Piglet"

  13. Wow, what am amazing story!!! Great pictures too...
    Sherrie K

  14. Thank you for sharing this story with us at the Dog hop. You are an unofficially part of the hop!!

  15. Oh wow , that such a sweet story! It's weird how sometimes things happen at certain times and they work out for the best. Thank you for sharing the very sweet story with us.

  16. Great story Judy, Enjoy Boo Kitty! I have a kitty we saved with 4 baby kitties of her own now. They are Ferals too and won't let me touch them but they are starting to come eat with their mama at the food dish. They don't run unless I try to touch Enjoy, babies are the best!

  17. What a great story Judy.... I love it... don't animals surprise you... I'm assuming your new kitty was maybe the runt of the litter or the mama had em' outside somewhere and she can't take care of them and she left them all around.... did you ever go and look for more of them?

    I also wanted to say thanks for naming me as one of your sweetest--- that made my day!!!! And, again thank you for stopping on by my blog. I appreciate your support.
    mpetrovich23 at yahoo dot com

  18. Tyson is so sweet with Boo Kitty -- I love that! Every fur-baby I've had was/is soooo loving. I lost my Rockweiler and my tuxedo cat (Blade), 5 years ago, and a Schnauzer 6 years ago. There was so muh love between them. I think when both my dogs passed, Blade pretty much gave up too -- they were over 12 years old and Blade was 19. Now I have Buster!!! He's a handful -- very, very spoiled!!! LOL!


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