Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday whirlwind!

Happy Wednesday! It is almost 4:30 on the East Coast and I have just finished cleaning my craft room! Well, almost:-) I still need to drag the vacuum upstairs to get up all the confetti on the floor and the entire container of green glitter that I spilled. I got the new printer that I got for our anniversary installed -- yea! -- I don't have to run downstairs every time I want to print something! My desk is an 'antique' monstocity that I love. It has a convenient drawer for everything and I can reach for anything I want, plus it is HUGE!! Takes up a lot of room and doesn't match anything, but it is like an ugly dog -- I love it anyway:-) I know, I know, there is no such thing as an ugly dog.

I actually made a card for my hubs last night to wish him a speedy recovery. He had been feeling bad and it definitely cheered him up:-) He loves the stuff I make. I think there are two different challenges I can enter it in, so I will try to get it uploaded tonight. And there is a Facebook challenge I am going to make something for RIGHT NOW! It is for Pixie Piecings. Check back later and I should have them posted.

Hope your day has been fantastic and your night even better!!!

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