Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boo Kitty and birthday card....

I sure can't seem to find time to get anything done :-( It's not just Boo Kitty being very demanding when he is awake, because he eats, plays and sleeps all day. He is sooooo cute, doing all the cute kitten things!! I taught him how to use the litter box the end of last week and now I am working on weaning him off the bottle, but I don't think he is ready for that. He loves to wrestle on his back, backs up and jumps at things he is "attacking", walks sideways, climbs his scratching post (actually, he likes to climb, period), gives chin kissy bites. He is expanding his exploring in the house and has already found 'hiding places'. It just surprises me that such a tiny little critter can have all the same attributes as grown ones! We are all totally in love and Tyson is still enamored, too. We got them together last weekend and they still wanted to be together -- I believe this will be a lifetime thing:-) Boo Kitty also got to meet Belle, the hamster. The picture will give some perspective to how small Boo is. He is definitely growing -- at 3 weeks he was 12 oz. and 7 inches long. Now, at 4 weeks I believe he is almost 9 inches and has longer legs. We take him to the post office to weigh him and will probably do that this weekend. I think I am going to start his own blog and I will link it when I do:-)

My Darling Hubby had his birthday on Sunday! I hate to say he is 63 because it ages me -- but he is older!! He had the same job for 40 years and they laid him off in February. Luckily, he had one of those rare things called a pension, but he was not ready to retire. He looked for a job for several months and then we decided that it was best that he retire. Of course, what happens to men who retire? They get "sick". September is National Prostate Cancer Month and hubby was diagnosed with it last Friday :-( It was found very early and the prognosis is excellent, but he still has a lot of tough choices to make and the procedures to go through. I went through 7 years of terminal cancer treatments with my dad, so at least this time I won't be waiting for a bad end :-) Any hoo, that is the other reason I have not had much time for crafting, lots of doctor appointments and just
hand-holding. Cancer is always a scary word :-( If you read this, please remember David in your prayers -- I have already had several mini miracles in my life and I want just one more!!

Here are some new pictures of Boo Kitty and the card I made for David's birthday....

I used a 'Gus' digi stamp from Bugaboo Stamps, cut large ovals with my Creative Memories cutting system, hand wrote the "messages" and put 62 at the bottom instead of 63 (Freudian slip), and colored with water color pencils because that is all I have at this time:-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update on Boo Kitty....

I know it is ridiculous for a 6oz kitten to demand so much of a human's time, but Boo Kitty has managed to take me away from the computer, my blog, my craft room:-) Tee Hee! I am just such a good mommy that I let him tell me what I can and can't do! Yes, I said "him" -- the best we can tell, we have a boy. But, I do reserve the right to change that in the future if things start to look different:-) He is still mostly eating and sleeping, but every day I see changes; walking better and going farther, sitting, grabbing my fingers to play, cleaning his paws, purring, staring at my face, kneading my favorite throw that he has claimed as his own! It is such a joy to watch all these things taking place. He is doing very well with the bottle and my help going potty. The vet doesn't see him until he is 8 weeks old. Tyson has gone back home now, but is supposed to be back for a visit in a day or two. He was so excited to see his 'kids' that he did not pay Boo much attention after they came home. He was too busy chasing his almost 6 yo 'boy'! Those two are a match made in Heaven! Here is my 'official portrait' of Boo -- ha ha -- it took me forever to get a decent shot and then daddy (hubby) worried that the flash hurt his eyes:-)

He has tiny, cute little ears. This is Tyson laying his head on my lap next to Boo and he gets so relaxed that his eyes would start to shut. You have to understand -- Tyson is a very hyper puppy:-)

The grand daughters are both very excited about Baby Boo and would probably take him home if allowed. That is Kendyl, Ty's girl on the left. She was here when he brought us the special present. And Delaney is on the right. They are both 10 yo -- 9 weeks apart.

A little bit about the name Boo Kitty -- we had another stray cat show up at our house several years ago. You could tell that she was very old because she moved pretty slow. She was small and had long gray hair. I fed her and, after several months, she would come to us with 'reservations'. I actually got her to the point that I could brush her. Well, we began calling her Boo Kitty because my husband really liked her and his grand kids call him Boo. When I held this kitten for the first time last weekend, I almost instinctively called him Boo and it seemed to fit so well. So now we have a Boo Kitty that will be a real part of the family and an 'only inside' kitty:-)

We have been on the lookout for mamma cat or other kittens and have yet to see any. How this little tyke ended up in our back yard, I don't have a clue -- just a wonderful "Act of God"!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Results of the Animal Rescue Blog Hop....

There is a saying: "Life imitates art". Well, I would consider what most of us do, art:-) Yesterday, I had just finished up the very wonderful 'Doggone Fun Blog Hop'. Read many tear-making stories and reaffirmed my love of all animals. We have our part time dogs this weekend, Gracie and Tyson. They are both Boxers from the same 'family' but 7 years apart. Gracie is a 'mini' at 45 lbs. and Tyson is an 11 month old monster of 75-80 lbs. If you look back in my posts, you will see a picture of my backyard that these dogs LOVE! I just needed to give this little bit of background for my story.

My son and his two kids came yesterday to drop off the dogs -- a very excitable time for all, especially young Tyson. The usual routine is that they want to get into the back yard right away and it was no different yesterday. We were all fooling around with getting in their supplies and I was finding the kids a 'treat'. My hubby, being somewhat OCD, asked why the dogs had not come back in after about 10 minutes and looked out the back window to see what they were up to (they have been known to find their way out of the yard so we watch pretty close). When he looked, they were right outside the window and David said, "What on earth does Tyson have in his mouth?" Our other son was here, too, and he looked and said it looks like a mole, but David did not think so. I began to panic inside because our previous pair of dogs seldom left anything they found alive. I have a hard time killing a spider (which I hate). David and 10 year old, Kendyl, went out and she ran back inside yelling "It's a kitten! A tiny, tiny kitten!" And it was in Tyson's mouth:-( He put it down when they came out and David pulled him away. I, still in panic mode about what I was going to see, went and held Tyson while David got a towel to see if there was any hope for the tiny kitten. He took it to our sink in the garage to wash Tyson's slobber off -- the poor thing was covered in it, but was crying it's lungs out which made me extremely happy because I knew it is alive!! Then, my mommy instincts kicked in and I took it from David to get it dry and warm. I could not believe how strong the little mite was because it's eyes are barely open and is about 5 inches long! I would say it is about a week and a half old.

I can't say that I believe in Karma or Fate, but how do these things happen? How did a tiny baby kitten end up in my back yard for a gentle giant, lug of a dog to find? What kept him from biting it or jumping on it with his huge paws? God's Hand and His Love has to be it!!

Younger son, Eric, is our major cat-lover (Daddy of very contrary, Tico) He took off to Petsmart to get Kitten formula and a bottle. I wrapped Boo Kitty (its new name) in a blanket and kept rubbing to get it all dry. When Eric got back, we warmed some formula and got it to drink quite a bit after lots of work and I am starting to feel encouraged that it will be okay, and, of course, I have said in no uncertain terms that it is here to stay!!!

Okay, that is NOT the end of the story for Tyson:-) This exuberant, young male Boxer, is totally in love with his baby kitten and won't let Gracie near it! Every time he hears her meow, he comes running and wants to have his nose in on everything I am doing with it. Today, he has started to 'clean' it up after feeding with his big, slobbery tongue.. it makes him all calm and it seems to calm the kitten, too. How many times have you seen a momma dog adopt a kitten? I have a daddy dog taking charge:-) It is the most wonderful thing I have ever seen and it brings tears to my eyes. I have to say that I think this is going to be a life time of love for these two!

I went on line for some advice and it helped. I have already 'helped' it go potty -- yea -- fun. I still have to almost force feed it, not a fan of the bottle. There will be a trip to the vet on Monday and I will know if I have a boy or girl! We have a ton of feral cats around here and I am sure that would be the mother. I am actually so happy that Tyson 'rescued' Boo Kitty because the only way to tame a feral is before, or right after, their eyes are open, so the timing was perfect!

Well, this story was very long, but I just had to get it out there:-) I guess I was meant to follow the hop about rescuing, because, who knew, I was about to rescue a very cute kitten with my Tyson!! Here are a couple of pictures...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's projects.....

Okay, these are the two things I have been working on to enter in a couple of contests.

First is the 'Get Well' card for my recuperating hubby:-) It is an easel card (my 1st -- thanks Mary, CardzTV) The paw print paper was a gift from TLC Creations and the rest is in my stash of mostly textured cardstock by DCWV. Of course, textured works best for chalking and I like to use my Powder Puff chalking ink from Quick Quotes, but I also have Color Box cateyes. It is plain ole hemp twine:-) I am an expert at improvising with what is at hand, such as the stars from a baby pack I have probably had for 2 years. Well, here it is:

Next I have my layout that I did to enter in a Facebook challenge for Pixies Piecings (link below). I have wanted to put this together ever since I got it and this gave me the push. It cut out beautifully and the detail in the cuts was fantastic! It looked strange on the screen, but I dove in anyway and I could not believe the tiny little shaggy fur it was cutting. I know nothing about making cutting files, but you must have to make really wide bands to get the shag. I know, I know, it does not make any sense what I am saying, but if you have the file, you will know what I mean! tee hee! I used stash background papers, chalked everything, used my fav Cropadile to put on the butterflies and you have it:-)
ill know what I mean! tee hee! I used stash background papers, chalked everything, used my fav Cropadile to put on the butterflies and you have it:-)

Then I have a pic that has nothing to do with anything:-) I took it out of the window of my back upstairs bedroom -- I call it my "Treehouse Room". You are at tree top level and it is very cool! Well, not really, it is always hotter upstairs -- oh, you know what I mean -- COOL MAN! For Florida, we have a very sloped lot, so we were able to put on a 3 level deck. Nice to look at, but a nightmare with upkeep! My back yard is basically a JUNGLE!

Candy Alert!!

One of my "Sweetest", Chriss at Scrappin' With Chriss and Lou, is having an awesome giveaway on October 10. Everyone run over and give her lots of love and maybe win some fun!!

Here's the link hope!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday whirlwind!

Happy Wednesday! It is almost 4:30 on the East Coast and I have just finished cleaning my craft room! Well, almost:-) I still need to drag the vacuum upstairs to get up all the confetti on the floor and the entire container of green glitter that I spilled. I got the new printer that I got for our anniversary installed -- yea! -- I don't have to run downstairs every time I want to print something! My desk is an 'antique' monstocity that I love. It has a convenient drawer for everything and I can reach for anything I want, plus it is HUGE!! Takes up a lot of room and doesn't match anything, but it is like an ugly dog -- I love it anyway:-) I know, I know, there is no such thing as an ugly dog.

I actually made a card for my hubs last night to wish him a speedy recovery. He had been feeling bad and it definitely cheered him up:-) He loves the stuff I make. I think there are two different challenges I can enter it in, so I will try to get it uploaded tonight. And there is a Facebook challenge I am going to make something for RIGHT NOW! It is for Pixie Piecings. Check back later and I should have them posted.

Hope your day has been fantastic and your night even better!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Give away ending in 3 days!!!

Hey Friends,

You need to head over to "Made Especially for You Creations" for her awesome giveaway!!

Ideas I have found on Blog Hops

Hello Tuesday!!
I often sit and wonder if I am spending way too much time following everyone's blogs and doing the blog hops? I don't think so!! My hubs was 'forced' to retire this year and I figure that I deserve to 'retire' a little bit, too. Although, the house cleaning and laundry will never be done by themselves:-( When my BFF's birthday came up over Labor Day weekend, I decided to make her several of the things I have found on all your wonderful blogs. I hope scraplifting the ideas were fine, but most came with instructions so I feel okay. When I get the hang of all this, I hope I will be able to explain and illustrate all the steps the way the rest do! And nothing would honor me more than to inspire someone else with an idea of mine:-) Any hoo, here are some of the things I made -- sorry she is holding most of them -- I forgot to photo before I left for Atlanta with them all wrapped:-(

This is her card -- made up in my own brain - tee hee! She is a 'Fashionista' so I had to use animal prints and one of the JJ digi stamps from Bugaboo. Please forgive if I don't list every detail on these, but I will try to give proper 'credits':-) I printed the sentiment on my computer.

This is one of 3 bags that I altered using files from Scrapping Bug Designs. I wish I had pics of all 3 because they all turned out so cute:-) That is something else to always remember...

This is her altered composition book for her school room. She has had menatally/physically handicap classes for 27 years! She is a huge note taker and I knew this would be fun. I made a matching frame for her 'babies', but the pic was bad. I used files from Little Scraps of Heaven's Bookworm collection.

I probably should have left this one off -- it is so shiny and sparkly that it just doesn't show up well. I made this altered comp book with a matching appointment book for her other 'job' of doing party's and weddings. I used silk flowers, bling strips and flourishes, and did the lettering on the computer...

This was my very favorite! A monogram 'purse' with 4 matching note cards and fancy envelopes. I searched for the 'just right' paper to match the decor of her home. I saw this on Patty's Crafty Spot and never wanted to win blog candy more because she gave away a set like this!! I did not win, but she has posted that she is going to put some sets in her store and I checked every day until I knew I would not have time to order. Luckily, she gave wonderful instructions on how to make it and I was thrilled with how I improvised through it!!

Well, if anyone made it through all that, I thank you!! I love making these projects and I hope my dead brain will come up with some original, fun ideas in the near future!

850 Follower giveaway

I wanted to share this awesome giveaway over at Creations With Becka

. Send everyone over to help her reach her goal and give someone all these wonderful goodies! She is also giving smaller give aways along the way!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Giveaway ending October 10th!!

Another Give away that everyone needs to go enter! This one will end on October 10, so go on over and become a follower!

Giveaway ending today!!I

I just found this give away that you need to hurry up and enter because it is ending tonight, Monday, Sept. 12 at midnight (MST)


I wanted to do something special for a couple's 50th Wedding Anniversary so I decided to decorate a bottle of wine with a matching card. I used a pack of wedding paper, gold shiny paper, gold sparkle embossing powder on the wedding cake stamp I have had forever, and never used, and on the banner that I found in the $1 bin at Michael's. Ribbon from my stash. The wine bottle label has a digi stamp by TLC Creations.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have seen a few of the 'pyramage' cards and loved them, so I gave it a try without any tutorial for my hubby's anniversary card. I winged it using a picture from our Alaska trip. I was happy with how it turned out and he loved it! Now I can't wait to find out how to 'really' do it:-)


This layout is using the Beary Sweet Kids file from Scraptastical Kreations. I added some flowers from her Elegant Flowers file, too.

Recent projects

This is a 2 page layout I made using the Hap-bee Birthday file from Creative Kuts. Since i am new to posting like this, I never kept track of papers and such, but I will get better:-)


10 years ago today, I was watching the Today Show. They broke in with the news that a plane had struck the World Trade Center. My husband is a private pilot so I immediately assumed that it was a small plane. Then as I continued to watch, I actually saw the 2nd airliner banking into the other tower. At that moment I knew it was an act of terrorism. My hubs was in his office on a conference call for work, so I passed him a note about what had happened. As I continued to watch, I could not believe it was all taking place, but the biggest scare for me was the crash into the Pentagon. My brother's last two tours of duty were at the Pentagon and his job after retiring often put him back there. Of course, I had no way of knowing if he was there that day or not and we were not able to reach him at all that day. Fortunately, he wasn't there that day, but his life-long friend was. He was not far from the impact and definitely felt the shock waves --- thankfully he was fine, too. After David's conference call we stayed in front of the TV for the rest of the day and could not fathom what proceeded to happen. It was like watching a disaster movie, but it was real. Who could ever believe that the Twin Towers would virtually implode? It was like they came down in slow motion. To this day, I cannot watch those towers fall without feeling the pain in my heart.

Of course, we prayed for all those affected in church today, but the thing that brought the tears to my eyes was when we were asked to stay long enough to sing the National Anthem after the final hymn. Everyone stayed put and sang at the top of their lungs -- it was a beautiful thing!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh, wow! Am I really trying this?!

Okay. I am going to be on a learning mode for a while until I figure all this out:-) I know from following many other's blogs that there lots of things I do not know how to do and probably a lot of "rules" to learn. I have never kept track of what paper I am using, or any of the products that I use. I notice that most can list everything, so I guess I need to start paying attention before I post projects -- this is something that might take a while so be patient with me, please:-)  I am sure this will be a very boring blog for a while, but maybe I will get the hang of it sooner than later:-)