Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update on Boo Kitty....

I know it is ridiculous for a 6oz kitten to demand so much of a human's time, but Boo Kitty has managed to take me away from the computer, my blog, my craft room:-) Tee Hee! I am just such a good mommy that I let him tell me what I can and can't do! Yes, I said "him" -- the best we can tell, we have a boy. But, I do reserve the right to change that in the future if things start to look different:-) He is still mostly eating and sleeping, but every day I see changes; walking better and going farther, sitting, grabbing my fingers to play, cleaning his paws, purring, staring at my face, kneading my favorite throw that he has claimed as his own! It is such a joy to watch all these things taking place. He is doing very well with the bottle and my help going potty. The vet doesn't see him until he is 8 weeks old. Tyson has gone back home now, but is supposed to be back for a visit in a day or two. He was so excited to see his 'kids' that he did not pay Boo much attention after they came home. He was too busy chasing his almost 6 yo 'boy'! Those two are a match made in Heaven! Here is my 'official portrait' of Boo -- ha ha -- it took me forever to get a decent shot and then daddy (hubby) worried that the flash hurt his eyes:-)

He has tiny, cute little ears. This is Tyson laying his head on my lap next to Boo and he gets so relaxed that his eyes would start to shut. You have to understand -- Tyson is a very hyper puppy:-)

The grand daughters are both very excited about Baby Boo and would probably take him home if allowed. That is Kendyl, Ty's girl on the left. She was here when he brought us the special present. And Delaney is on the right. They are both 10 yo -- 9 weeks apart.

A little bit about the name Boo Kitty -- we had another stray cat show up at our house several years ago. You could tell that she was very old because she moved pretty slow. She was small and had long gray hair. I fed her and, after several months, she would come to us with 'reservations'. I actually got her to the point that I could brush her. Well, we began calling her Boo Kitty because my husband really liked her and his grand kids call him Boo. When I held this kitten for the first time last weekend, I almost instinctively called him Boo and it seemed to fit so well. So now we have a Boo Kitty that will be a real part of the family and an 'only inside' kitty:-)

We have been on the lookout for mamma cat or other kittens and have yet to see any. How this little tyke ended up in our back yard, I don't have a clue -- just a wonderful "Act of God"!!


  1. Oh, what an adorable picture of Boo Kitty. Such a precious kitty and amazing story. I will be stopping back to see more updates on Boo Kitty.

  2. Awwww, tooooo cute. Love all the pictures!


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