Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Grief!

It is Friday!! But when you are "retired", it does not really matter what day it is :-)

I have figured it out ... I cannot live with any chaos!! When my husband starts looking for the 3rd thing that cannot be found, I lose it :-( Then he goes out and does a very foolish thing for a man of his age. Without a job to keep him busy, he has been going nuts with the yard work. This is wonderful except on Tuesday, he went 20 feet up a ladder to cut a tree branch. It was not a small limb, believe me. Instead of falling down as he expected, it swung back and hit him, knocking him off the ladder :-0 When he came in to tell me ... yes, he lived through it ... I thought he had been in a fight with the lawn mower. His shirt was actually ripped off. We spent almost 6 hours in the ER. They stitched the 3 inch gash in his hand and determined that he had no broken bones or internal injuries. Honestly, I am thankful that it did not hit him in the head. That was left for me to do ... knock some sense into him!! I would post some pics of his injuries, but it would ruin your dinner :-) He is in more pain than after his surgery last Nov., so that should help him not forget to be so dumb ever again!!

Well, taking care of him and the new born kittens has soooo taken up my crafty time. I have set up several scrapbook pages on my computer that I need to get cut and put together. I did get a birthday card made for my youngest son. It covered both his birthday and his solo flight that he made on ST. Patrick's Day. I used a black Recollection's card. Layered it with white cardstock, topped with paper and a digi that I got from TLC a while back. I hooked on a tag stamped with a Happy Birthday stamp from Making Memories. Added two buttons from my stash threaded with twine.

I inked all the edges, but left the digi black and white. I cut the oval with my trusty Creative Memories cutting system :-) On the inside, I stamped 'FLY HIGH' and 'Congrats' with stamps I think I got online probably at Scrapbuck. I had to keep it very simple because of the time thing, but he really liked it!!

The Purr Babies will be 2 weeks tomorrow and their eyes are open and blue. Too cute! They know me already and crawl out when I come to see them. That is fine with Spooky unless one of them cries, then she flies out to pick him up and carry him back to safety! It is pretty funny because they already weigh about 1/2 pound and she is only about 6!! The son that had the birthday is supposed to take both so I am not getting attached :-) RIIIGHT!!!

Kitty Hugs, Judy

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What a week....

Hello All this fine Thursday!!

It seems that I am developing a habit of posting maybe once a week :-) Not what I want to do, but something always comes up. This week, I had some kind of virus that included an annoying headache that made me very grouchy. On Monday, I had to go to the beach to see my mom for her 80th birthday and I did not even enjoy that! You will notice that there is no card made for her. I knew she would not know that I made it and it would go in the trash, so I picked one up at Publix! I feel better now, but I have company coming in tomorrow for the weekend and that is going to eat up my spare time :-(

Today, I made another digi page with the MyMemoriesSuite software. We were to use any kit made by Lou Cee Creations. I used her Royal Wedding kit to create a page for my SIL's 50th Anniversary. I think this could be really pretty to frame for them :-) These challenges are a good way of practicing the digi pages before I try to put a book together. I am still learning, but this software is remarkably easy to use!

Kitten update! They are 5 days old and so fuzzy and cute! They seem to be gaining about an ounce a day, which is good. Spooky is a wonderful mom and taking great care of them :-)

Oh yes! I tried to put a grab button on my blog, but the picture to go with the "route" did not show up ... at least on my blog. The one on top is it, but that one is not connected. If someone has any ideas about what I need to do, please let me know!! Also, the box is covering part of the text field???

Kitty Hugs, Judy

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Early this morning .. around 3am .. Spooky kept walking on us and 'talking'. This has not been all that unusual since she has been sleeping on our bed for the last couple of weeks, but she usually does not try to wake us up. At 3:35, she was lapping loudly and I turned on my light to see if her water had broken and it had. As a typical dad, David departed to the couch and I stayed with Spooky even though I knew it was not at all necessary, but I wanted to keep things calm with a lot of reassurance and petting. She stayed with me on the bed until a little after 5:00, then she went to her safe place under the bed. Thank goodness, she only went under the edge where I could reach her easily. It was totally dark and she never uttered a peep. I heard the first kitten cry at 5:34 and the second at 5:55. She did a fantastic job with her mommy duties and fell into an exhausted sleep. So I figured that was all .. just the two! At birth, they both looked gray, but as they dried, they both became lighter almost like a Siamese. They are good sized and look healthy. The second one latched on to eat immediately, but the first was not having an easy time of it so I helped with that. Spooky was completely calm with me handling the kittens and she has let all my oldest son's family close to see them without freaking out and running like usual. The other two cats stayed in our room all night which is not typical for them and did not leave until she was all done. I am not at all sure if they understand, but they really knew something was happening. Just one funny antidote and I'll get to the pictures: when she left the kittens to eat, I put them in a basket I had prepared. Then I put her in with them. She immediately picked one kitten up and took it back under the bed! I guess she told me! I gave her the other one and she settled back into her place of choice:-)

If I were keeping them, they would be Lucky and Charm. They are going to my younger son, so he gets to pick the names :-) They are the cutest St. Pat's present ever!!

Now I need to post my last project for challenges this week. I followed the sketch for a layout on Paper Piecings by Nikki's site. I used her "Adorable Lil Monsters" file. I only did a single page, but I will be adding another unless I have a "last" page to use it on. She has a lot of great files, digis, and other products that you should go check out! I met her when I won some files from her and now I try to be a regular visito

r! I used regular cardstock with the one strip of patterned. I punched/embossed the strips with one of my last Fiskars edge punches that I have not broken :-) I used the 'left over' strips on the edge of the pattern paper. Some twine and photo corners and that's it!

I am sorry blogger divided my words so crazy! Probably my fault ... being sooo tired! Hope you all have a really fun day and night celebrating your Irishness!! I know I am a whole lot English, a bit of Scottish, but Irish I don't know :-)


Thursday, March 15, 2012

A couple of things....

What is today? Uh ...Thursday!

Well, where did this week go? I always have the best of intentions ....

I decided to do a few challenges, etc., this week. First, I have been doing the BAP - build a project- with Creative Kuts. This week we were given a cut out floral border, a grass border, and the title "Happy Easter". I did another 2 page scrap page ... never hurts to be ready for the upcoming pictures!

I used 3 CK files to go with the requires elements. I took the flower cutouts, inked and blinged them to add. All the papers are from my 'collection' - ha - I actually left this pretty simple.

Next, I needed to get a card ready to send to a card swap person, so I finally used my head and made a card I could use in the Little Scraps of Heaven template card challenge :-) This is what I mean about being unorganized ... I usually don't take the time to see if there are challenges to enter when I make a card for someone. So here is the card I made...

I used the LSHD Spring Fairies file ... lying fairy,mushroom, and spring title. The card swap is to make something 'Spring'. I glossed the title, used Stickles on flowers and wings, and used 'rhinestone' flowers on the fairy. Most of the paper I used were scraps - yea! This is an easel card so I pop dotted the mushroom on the inside to hold it. I used My Pink Stamper stamps from the Friends and Family pack. Then I added a couple of stickers :-) I can't say this was easy-peasy because it takes a while to paper piece and then I had to try a couple of times to get the easel right because of the size. The thing that took me the longest was figuring out what size the six back squares should be!! I never said math was my strong suite, especially something rather like geometry!!

Now to get the card in the mail and finish one more challenge project that I am doing. Still on kitten watch, but it has to be soon. Poor little Spooky, she is not huge, but it makes me happy to know she will never have to do this again! She has acclimated to being inside very well so that is a good thing :-) She never fusses to get out and likes to "visit" us in bed late at night - hides and sleeps all day. The other two are being good friends to her -- another good thing :-)

Kitty Hugs, Judy

Sunday, March 11, 2012

BAP for Creative Kuts....

Happy Sunday all my Bloggie Pals,
Whew, it is the perfect "go back to bed" day here in Central Florida!! Totally overcast and raining. On top of losing an hour last night ... not fair! We are in a period of feast or famine with the rain. We went for way to long without any so I cannot complain about it now :-)

Okay, on with my post! I responded to the Creative Kuts VIP list. One thing that you are asked to do is enter their BAP (build a project) each week and post to their FaceBook page. Easy Peasy! I check out the fan page every Monday to see what the new Free BAP is and then, if I want to participate, I send an email to to request that weeks BAP. Once you have finished, post it on the fan page. Also, when you create a project with any CK file, they would like it to be shared on the their Facebook fan page. It all sounds like fun to me!

This is my first BAP and it was to create a layout using the provided template and the free file . I am showing you what we had to work from and what I created:
This is the first page of the layout...

The second page....

And the free file that I needed to incorporate into the layout.

You only needed to do one page, but had the option to do both. Since I always do double page layouts, I chose to do both:
I used the Family Favorites file from the Creative Kuts store with the provided BAP sentiment instead of the one that came with the file, although, I did keep the creme eggs from the title :-) I had some of the old chick "peep peep" paper that I thought was sort of appropriate and all the rest of the papers are from my Easter stash. Before I started a blog, I pulled paper packs apart and sorted it, so I now do not know where most of my paper is from ... sorry :-( Just this last week, I picked up the ribbon from a Michael's Dollar Bin, the stick on clear 'buttons' are Heidi Grace, I pop-dotted up both chicks, but you cannot tell in the pic, and I added some purple Stickles to the title to brighten it up. Sorry the pic is not better, I waited for this morning and the sun never shone, so I ended up taking it with a flash anyway. It makes me happy to have at least one 2 page spread ready for my Easter pics!!

I am going to watch the Nascar Vegas race with my DH for a while and then maybe get to the Scrap Cave for a while :-) Have a great day, everyone!

Kitty Hugs, Judy
P.S. No kitten birth yet!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

MyMemoriesISuite challenge.....

Hello this fine Thursday afternoon,
As I have said, I am very new to digital scrapbooking. I won a set of MyMemoriesSuite software and took one of their online courses to get a grasp of it. I learned a lot and now I am muddling my way through the making of layouts :-) This week I made a layout to enter into their challenge: use any *A Saxon Creation* kit on their website to participate. I chose to use her Vintage Rose kit which is free on the site right now.

I felt like this was perfect for some of last year's Easter pics of 3 of the grand kids. I am trying to figure out my "style" and how to get things layered the way I want them :-) I would really recommend the MMS software if you are interested in trying digital ... it is pretty easy to get the hang of it with some practice.
Kitty Hugs, Judy

Monday, March 5, 2012

There is a giveaway.....

Hi everyone!
We all love candy, don't we? Well, I know that I do ... both kinds!! Jane over at JanettaRose Designs is having a fun giveaway to help build up her wonderful blog and Facebook! I soooo appreciate how hard it is to get followers and I love to help any way I can! If you are not already a follower of hers, head on over and sign up! Here is what she is giving to the winna....

I am still on kitty watch :-) I brought the stray, Spooky, inside on Saturday because she was acting a bit funny and I thought maybe the kittens were about to be born. Nothing yet! She is doing surprisingly well under my bed :-) She will still let me brush her, is eating, and using the litter box. Pretty good for a feral.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Project with Grand daughter...

Hello Friday!
Some of you may have seen the explosion box card that I made for my DH for Valentine's Day. Well, my 10 year old grand daughter, Kendyl, thought it was just the Bee's Knees and wanted one for herself :-) So the next time she was over, she asked if we could make one together and I loved the idea. It made me all warm and fuzzy that she liked something that I made so much! First I had her look through my paper and pick out the colors she liked ... I knew there would be lime green included. She settled on the blacks and greens. We got everything cut out and I taught her how to ink all the edges. I must say that she caught on really fast and did a fantastic job!! The next part that I put her to work on was making the rose petals. Once again, she did great! She folded and glued each rose petal and curled the edges after I showed her once! I did put the the roses together because that is a bit tricky :-) We both glued and layered all the pieces, made the top, and the last thing that she did was pick out the stamps she wanted to use on the inside. Of course, there had to be some bing, too. Here is her finished box card. She loves it and I am so proud of her first effort on a BIG project!!

Sorry this is picture heavy and the quality is really poor, but the box was going home with her and I had to hurry in bad conditions :-) I just want to share her fine work!

I got a kick out of how she put "I (heart) me" inside the card for herself! Thanks so much for sharing in my Joy!

Now just one more pic I want to share :-) Kendyl was an outstanding gymnast at a very young age and burned out early much to our horror. She now is doing competitive cheerleading and I just want you to see what all the gymnastic training did for her.
Kitty Hugs, Judy

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I think I need help.....

Hello All!
I know I need help!! TEE HEE :-) I have to be one of most unorganized people on the planet! I cannot blame ADD because I don't have it -- hubby does. So many people I know, and plenty that I don't know, would go crazy living my life :-) I eventually get everything done, but not in a timely manner. Like this blog, I plan on posting every day and then I don't get around to it. I know it is best to post in the early morning and that is not going to happen, so I learned the "handy-dandy" scheduler! I am still failing to get it posted. I MUST do better!!

I have been working on several things -- I took a class with MyMemoriesSuite on Saturday morning and now I actually know how to make a passable digital layout! Now I need to take some pics and not get them developed so I can make some pages! I am trying something else, too. I am going to make some pages with empty photo mats that I can put pics on after the pages are printed. I will let you know how that works :-) Now I need to see if I can get one posted here??
Yea! I figured it out! Of course, I used my favorite subjects on my first pages :-) I used a girly Diva file that I had bought on MMS, because it suits them so well :-) Added some kitty embellies and, waalaa, I did it!

Okay! I never posted all of my Valentines and I won't bore you those. I did make a very cute, if I say so myself, Anniversary card for my brother and sil whose anniversary is 2/18. They happened to be visiting. I gave them my card, they both looked at it and said "Cute", then set it aside and went home without it :-( They will never get a handmade card from me again!! Here is the card I will be putting in one of my scrapbooks!!
My bro's nickname is Bear, so I thought this was a great choice!

Tomorrow, I will give an honest effort to post a project I did with my 10 year old grand daughter. I have been working on paper piecings to use on album pages I am ready to start and I will need to show you some of those as I get them done! And in about 2-3 weeks, I will be posting pics of the newborn kittens that my "stray" is definitely having!! (that would be Spooky in the layout above)

Kitty Hugs, Judy