Saturday, March 17, 2012


Early this morning .. around 3am .. Spooky kept walking on us and 'talking'. This has not been all that unusual since she has been sleeping on our bed for the last couple of weeks, but she usually does not try to wake us up. At 3:35, she was lapping loudly and I turned on my light to see if her water had broken and it had. As a typical dad, David departed to the couch and I stayed with Spooky even though I knew it was not at all necessary, but I wanted to keep things calm with a lot of reassurance and petting. She stayed with me on the bed until a little after 5:00, then she went to her safe place under the bed. Thank goodness, she only went under the edge where I could reach her easily. It was totally dark and she never uttered a peep. I heard the first kitten cry at 5:34 and the second at 5:55. She did a fantastic job with her mommy duties and fell into an exhausted sleep. So I figured that was all .. just the two! At birth, they both looked gray, but as they dried, they both became lighter almost like a Siamese. They are good sized and look healthy. The second one latched on to eat immediately, but the first was not having an easy time of it so I helped with that. Spooky was completely calm with me handling the kittens and she has let all my oldest son's family close to see them without freaking out and running like usual. The other two cats stayed in our room all night which is not typical for them and did not leave until she was all done. I am not at all sure if they understand, but they really knew something was happening. Just one funny antidote and I'll get to the pictures: when she left the kittens to eat, I put them in a basket I had prepared. Then I put her in with them. She immediately picked one kitten up and took it back under the bed! I guess she told me! I gave her the other one and she settled back into her place of choice:-)

If I were keeping them, they would be Lucky and Charm. They are going to my younger son, so he gets to pick the names :-) They are the cutest St. Pat's present ever!!

Now I need to post my last project for challenges this week. I followed the sketch for a layout on Paper Piecings by Nikki's site. I used her "Adorable Lil Monsters" file. I only did a single page, but I will be adding another unless I have a "last" page to use it on. She has a lot of great files, digis, and other products that you should go check out! I met her when I won some files from her and now I try to be a regular visito

r! I used regular cardstock with the one strip of patterned. I punched/embossed the strips with one of my last Fiskars edge punches that I have not broken :-) I used the 'left over' strips on the edge of the pattern paper. Some twine and photo corners and that's it!

I am sorry blogger divided my words so crazy! Probably my fault ... being sooo tired! Hope you all have a really fun day and night celebrating your Irishness!! I know I am a whole lot English, a bit of Scottish, but Irish I don't know :-)



  1. Awe Judy so cute, you have kittens on St. Paddys day, and I had my first baby, 32 years ago of course but hey another thing in common LOL.
    Your layout is so cute, and the kittens are cuter. Have a great rest of the day.

  2. what a great st. patty's day present! love the names your son chose. :) very appropriate! the layout is very cute too!

  3. Awww, Judy, they are so sweet!! What a great St. Patty's Day gift!! And the layout is just adorable!! :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Judy I am loving all of your projects. I wish I could pp as well as you do. So cute.

    Smiles Sher


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