Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Grief!

It is Friday!! But when you are "retired", it does not really matter what day it is :-)

I have figured it out ... I cannot live with any chaos!! When my husband starts looking for the 3rd thing that cannot be found, I lose it :-( Then he goes out and does a very foolish thing for a man of his age. Without a job to keep him busy, he has been going nuts with the yard work. This is wonderful except on Tuesday, he went 20 feet up a ladder to cut a tree branch. It was not a small limb, believe me. Instead of falling down as he expected, it swung back and hit him, knocking him off the ladder :-0 When he came in to tell me ... yes, he lived through it ... I thought he had been in a fight with the lawn mower. His shirt was actually ripped off. We spent almost 6 hours in the ER. They stitched the 3 inch gash in his hand and determined that he had no broken bones or internal injuries. Honestly, I am thankful that it did not hit him in the head. That was left for me to do ... knock some sense into him!! I would post some pics of his injuries, but it would ruin your dinner :-) He is in more pain than after his surgery last Nov., so that should help him not forget to be so dumb ever again!!

Well, taking care of him and the new born kittens has soooo taken up my crafty time. I have set up several scrapbook pages on my computer that I need to get cut and put together. I did get a birthday card made for my youngest son. It covered both his birthday and his solo flight that he made on ST. Patrick's Day. I used a black Recollection's card. Layered it with white cardstock, topped with paper and a digi that I got from TLC a while back. I hooked on a tag stamped with a Happy Birthday stamp from Making Memories. Added two buttons from my stash threaded with twine.

I inked all the edges, but left the digi black and white. I cut the oval with my trusty Creative Memories cutting system :-) On the inside, I stamped 'FLY HIGH' and 'Congrats' with stamps I think I got online probably at Scrapbuck. I had to keep it very simple because of the time thing, but he really liked it!!

The Purr Babies will be 2 weeks tomorrow and their eyes are open and blue. Too cute! They know me already and crawl out when I come to see them. That is fine with Spooky unless one of them cries, then she flies out to pick him up and carry him back to safety! It is pretty funny because they already weigh about 1/2 pound and she is only about 6!! The son that had the birthday is supposed to take both so I am not getting attached :-) RIIIGHT!!!

Kitty Hugs, Judy


  1. Hey Judy!
    Love that card...You did a makeover to your blog, I like very pretty... And I spy that cute kitty badge on the top left....
    How have you been?
    Have a great weekend my friend...

  2. Wow, love this card. Perfect manly card. Thanks for stopping in at my blog from the Carson's Creations Blog Hop. I am a new follower!

  3. Wow Judy, I hope the hubby isn't in too much pain today.By either the tree accident or you bopping him in the head! (lol)

    The card is very neat, love the digi!



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