Thursday, March 1, 2012

I think I need help.....

Hello All!
I know I need help!! TEE HEE :-) I have to be one of most unorganized people on the planet! I cannot blame ADD because I don't have it -- hubby does. So many people I know, and plenty that I don't know, would go crazy living my life :-) I eventually get everything done, but not in a timely manner. Like this blog, I plan on posting every day and then I don't get around to it. I know it is best to post in the early morning and that is not going to happen, so I learned the "handy-dandy" scheduler! I am still failing to get it posted. I MUST do better!!

I have been working on several things -- I took a class with MyMemoriesSuite on Saturday morning and now I actually know how to make a passable digital layout! Now I need to take some pics and not get them developed so I can make some pages! I am trying something else, too. I am going to make some pages with empty photo mats that I can put pics on after the pages are printed. I will let you know how that works :-) Now I need to see if I can get one posted here??
Yea! I figured it out! Of course, I used my favorite subjects on my first pages :-) I used a girly Diva file that I had bought on MMS, because it suits them so well :-) Added some kitty embellies and, waalaa, I did it!

Okay! I never posted all of my Valentines and I won't bore you those. I did make a very cute, if I say so myself, Anniversary card for my brother and sil whose anniversary is 2/18. They happened to be visiting. I gave them my card, they both looked at it and said "Cute", then set it aside and went home without it :-( They will never get a handmade card from me again!! Here is the card I will be putting in one of my scrapbooks!!
My bro's nickname is Bear, so I thought this was a great choice!

Tomorrow, I will give an honest effort to post a project I did with my 10 year old grand daughter. I have been working on paper piecings to use on album pages I am ready to start and I will need to show you some of those as I get them done! And in about 2-3 weeks, I will be posting pics of the newborn kittens that my "stray" is definitely having!! (that would be Spooky in the layout above)

Kitty Hugs, Judy

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  1. That looks great! I've never did a digital layout before; actually, I've never did any layout and I'd be embarrassed to post one because I don't think it would come out well. You all do such wonderful layouts!

    Love that adorable card, your brother should love it!

    Well, can't wait to see you and granddaughter's project!

    Hugs, my friend!


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