Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boo Kitty update...

Hello All,
We have a bit of "good news - bad news" about our sweet little Boo. He is getting much better, but is still at the vet trying to get the infection to completely clear up. Another x-ray now shows a separation and dislocation in the top of his femur. The vet -- who I have already shown to be a little too blunt -- said he may have to amputate the leg:-( I am totally okay with it, but I worry about him being too small to have another very invasive procedure so soon. But the leg is virtually useless as it is now. The separation was there before and couldn't be seen. The intense swelling pushed it out of place to the point that he does not think there is any way he can align and fix it. At his young age, there is the bone with about an inch of cartilage between each joint so things don't fuse like a bone break. This was probably there when we got him, but because he was still so tiny and not even walking that well at first, we did not notice until he started to move around more. He is already feeling so much better and wants to play when I go see him -- he gives me his special kissy bites and snuggles under my chin. I still thank God that he "found" us and wouldn't take the world for him:-) I guess he is going to end up as a very expensive kitty, but there is nothing else I will consider beyond getting him healthy:-) At this time I just don't know what to anticipate or when it will happen, but I may have to rename him 'Peg-leg Boo'. Keep us in your prayers for the best outcome for the precious little guy.

I have some challenge projects that I plan to post tonight and tomorrow, so check back if you would like :-)

Thanks, Judy


  1. poor Little Boo Kitty...I hope the healing continues well.

  2. Oh, poor sweet Little Boo Kitty! Of course I'll keep my prayers going for his continued health and strength!!!


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