Friday, October 7, 2011

One more on Boo Kitty...

Hi All!!
Well, my little fur ball, Boo, is a month old now and has made his first trip to the vet. He is a boy for sure. Unfortunately, last Saturday he did something to his back leg and refused to walk on it and was 'fussy'. That's why the trip to the vet. He did x-rays and nothing is broken, probably a bad sprain. Now he has considerable swelling in his hip area that I think is the result of the vet forcing his leg for the x-ray --- arggghh:-( He is up to a little bit more than 1 pound, finally fills two hands, is completely litter trained, is weaned from the bottle and likes kitty chow (that I still have to 'serve' from my hand), and he has learned his way around most of the house:-) He is running on 3 legs and loves to play when he is awake -- fav spots are behind the bedroom door and under our feet! I have some cute pics that I haven't uploaded yet so I will post them later:-)

My Hubby has decided to have surgery after checking out all the options. His nephew is an oncologist and that is what he advised for his situation. There will be a hospital stay, and some recovery time, but the cancer should be completely gone and that is the result we are looking for:-) His doctor does robotic surgery so it is much less invasive than the old way. If we had to deal with cancer again, I am sooo happy that it is one that can be treated and removed.

After adopting Boo Kitty, I wasn't able to get to my "scrap cave" for a couple of weeks:-( This week, I took him up with me and got some work done on my waiting albums:-) When I get those pics off my camera, I will show ya'll some of the pages. I also bookmarked a few challenges that I want to enter over the weekend. Wish me luck!! And, of course, I want to do some hops -- I have been giving a lot of thought about handmade gifts for Christmas and I always pick up great ideas from the hops!!

Thanks for visiting!! Judy


  1. Awwww, poor little sweet Boo Kitty!!! Hope that leg feels better for him soon! He just sounds too adorable. Glad your hubby is getting himself taken care of too!

    Thanks for joining me for Brenda's birthday hop and for following me. Of course, I'll be following you too, dropping in to check on you and Boo Kitty! LOL!

    Hugs, my friend. So happy to have you as a member of my wonderful family of friends!

  2. Hi Judy,
    We(Me, Kit Kat and Cuddles) had to stop back to see how Boo Kitty is doing. Glad to hear he is doing good. I think it is so awesome how you have adopted him and cared for him. He is so lucky to have found a good home. Your husband is in our prayers. I have a couple of friends who had robotic surgeries for different things including cancer, and they said it was so much easier on them. Again, we will keep your husband in our prayers and will keep stopping by to see how everyone is doing! :))))


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