Saturday, November 19, 2011

Busy, non-productive days....Ashley....

Happy Saturday Fellow Bloggers...

Do yo ever have times when you are so busy doing "nothing" that you don't accomplish anything? It seems like that is the mode I am operating in :-) Since the time change, I have been going to bed at the same time (late), but waking up very early. This puts me in a fog for the rest of the day. I did have several busy weekends and I did get most of my Christmas decorations up, but I have not been in the scrap cave more than a couple of times :-(

I got a few Thanksgiving cards made and sent out which was my big project for the week!

I used some Thanksgiving paper I had on hand, embossed the cardstock behind the turkey with a leaf embossing folder that I got as 'candy', the ribbon was also on a roll of 6 that I won at some point and it was perfect, the button and floss were in my stash. The awesome "Toasted Turkey" file is from Precious Piecings by Lisa He has always been a fav of mine and if you have never visited Lisa, you should!!

Today, I need to make borders I owe to my "Border buddies" for Nov. and Dec. I have 5 to make for 2 people, so that will keep me plenty busy:-) That is actually 5 for 3 people when I include myself:-(

I want to post a picture of my kitty, Ashley :-) She is getting better every day and is really the perfect cat :-) She will never wipe out the memory of Boo -- I still tear up a couple times a week -- but she is great. I never knew anything about Russian Blue cats, but she is the softest, silkiest thing I have ever touched except maybe a mink coat. She does not shed!!! And she is almost completely hypoallergenic! If you read about them, she has the personality that is described. Since she was a shelter cat, we have had to work on the trust issues. When we are able to pick her up and hold her, she is extremely gentle -- never any claws or teeth. She only uses the scratching post and never get on counter tops. She has started getting in our bed at night and in the morning, she waits patiently and quietly for us to get up. Her meows are usually 'silent'. She is full grown and weighs just under 8 pounds, but she is such a good eater, that may go up:-) Here is her pic -- I have been trying to get one for a Christmas card.

You can see that she was a little "ticked off" about the hat!!

Hope everyone has a very productive weekend!! I am certainly going to TRY:-) I want to do at least one Hop, but may not!!

Kitty Hugs, Judy


  1. Love the turkey card, and kitty cat is just too adorable....

  2. Your card is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! the kitty cat is absolutely adorable!!!!! Great pictures!!!!

  3. Super cute card! I love the ones that make me smile:)

  4. Hey Judy!

    OMG...your cat in the hat is shooting daggers at the camera! Isn't it funny how animals get "that" look in their eye when we make them do something silly?! The turkey card is awesome! I love a card that makes me laugh and this one did it! Have a great Thanksgiving!


  5. Judy,
    She is so beautiful! I am so glad to hear that she realized what a wonderful home she has with you and your husband. She looks very happy!

    Barbara B.


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